Free Nutrition Advice for the Central Coast Community

According to the recent NSW health studies, obesity levels are 60% higher on the Central Coast than the rest of NSW. These rates are alarming as obesity has been linked to increased risk of lifestyle related diseases such as Type II Diabetes, Heart Disease and more recently we are seeing emerging research on the gut-brain connection. With the continuing trend in the expansion of our nations waist lines I thought it was time to give the local community a fun workshop to get us back on track.

We all know that we need to eat healthy….. more fruits and vegetables, exercise more and drink more water blah blah blah….. So in a nation that is so health conscious why is it that we are becoming more overweight? There seems to be a disconnect from what we know and what we do, we then seek advice on diet and exercise through the internet, facebook, and sometimes the professionals. Time and time again I hear from GP’s and other Allied Healthcare practitioners that the message is being delivered, but somewhere between the clinic setting and the home setting it becomes too hard…..

So the question how do we make healthy convenient and affordable?

With the support of the Central Coast Council, Central Coast Leagues Club, Mingara Recreation Club and Ettalong Diggers we will be delivering 12 workshops across the coast during the month of March and April 2019 focusing basic nutrition and how to make healthy convenient.

Supported by Central Coast Council

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